New transit lane for Palmers Road

(L-R) Griff Davis from Wyndham council, Altona MP Jill Hennessy and Vijitha Mapa inspect Palmers Road last week. Picture: Charlene Macaulay

Works have started on a $6.71 million upgrade of Palmers Road.

The project, jointly funded by the state government and Wyndham council, will include a dedicated lane for buses, taxis and multi-occupancy vehicles on Palmers Road northbound between Dunnings Road and Skeleton Creek.

Palmers Road is one of Wyndham’s busiest arterial roads, with an average of 25,000 vehicles a day travelling between Dunnings Road and Skeleton Creek.

Traffic lights at the Palmers and Dunnings roads intersection will be adjusted to give priority to buses, and there will be three bus stops, with indented bays, along Palmers Road.

Meanwhile, walkers and cyclists will benefit from improved street lighting and a shared user path along the length of Palmers Road that will connect with the Princes Freeway overpass and Williams Landing train station.

The works are expected to be completed by May next year.

Altona MP Jill Hennessy said that, once completed, the works would slash travel time along Palmers Road by between eight and 27 minutes, depending on the time of day.

Visiting the site last week, Ms Hennessy said the works were aimed at making carpooling and public transport, especially buses, a more realistic option for commuters.

“Importantly, this project will reduce congestion, cut travel times and improve access and connections to Williams Landing train station,” she said.

“The extra lane will also create more space on Palmers Road, making it easier for all road users to get to where they need to go.”