New strategy for volunteers

By Esther Lauaki

A new strategy is making it easier for Wyndham residents to volunteer in the community.

Wyndham council adopted its Volunteering Strategy for the next five years at this month’s meeting.

The strategy was put together to increase rates of volunteering by strengthening community understanding, highlighting the value of volunteering, and promoting best practice in volunteer management.

Mayor Mia Shaw said the strategy aimed to make it easier for people to find volunteering opportunities.

“The actions in this strategy will help residents discover new ways to find volunteering opportunities that they can fit into their busy lives, so that everyone can get involved in making a difference locally,” Cr Shaw said.

“The strategy also considers how we can come together to maintain and grow our volunteer base by involving clubs, groups and organisations to better recruit and manage volunteers.

“Wyndham has people from many different cultures who help each other out but don’t consider what they do volunteering in the technical sense.

“We want to show the community that volunteering does not necessarily mean dedicating a specific amount of time a week to an organisation, but could be kind gestures such as mowing your neighbour’s grass or helping a community group build its website.”