Mental health a primary concern


Fatima Halloum

Mental Health is the biggest issue of concern for Wyndham residents, a new report has revealed.

The Salvation Army’s National Social Justice Stocktake Report surveyed more than 15,000 people across every state and territory in the country.

Participants were asked to identify up to five issues that they were seeing in their community.

Mental health was most commonly picked by residents of the Lalor electorate, which includes the Wyndham area, with 59 per cent of surveyees selecting it as a prevalent issue.

The findings are consistent with the rest of Victorians, as 56.7 per cent of people also chose mental health.

According to the report, mental health was ranked highly in almost every electorate in Australia.

Housing affordability at 44 per cent, was the second pressing issue in electorate, this was echoed by many others across the nation, as 52.4 per cent selected housing affordability as a primary issue.

Data from Everybody’s home, a national campaign investigating the housing crisis, revealed 62.9% of renters in the area were living in housing stress.

Other issues deemed concerning included, alcohol and misuse at 43 per cent, unemployment and underemployment selected by 40 per cent of participants and homelessness at 34 per cent.

The reported noted that most electorates across selected unemployment and underemployment less frequently, across the country it was chosen by 24.1 per cent of those surveyed.