Little River united again

The police roadblock at the Little River freeway exit. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 211532_02

By Alesha Capone

The state government has announced Little River residents will be reunited under the same set of pandemic restrictions, instead of being divided between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Little River, which is part of both the Wyndham and Greater Geelong municipalities, has been subjected to two different sets of pandemic rules for months.

However, as of midnight last night, the entire town of Little River was removed from the metropolitan Melbourne restricted area.

The state government said the border would be updated to follow boundaries around the northern side of Little River, rather than Local Government Area (LGA) boundaries – which saw the town divided in two.

The metropolitan border will now end at Wests Road, Bulban Road, Edgars Road and Argoona Road, before connecting again with neighbouring LGA boundaries.

The current Victoria Police checkpoint at Princes Highway turnoff into Little River will remain in place due to physical infrastructure requirements and police will continue to enforce the new border.

Werribee MP Tim Pallas said: “The border between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria has been vital to containing the spread of coronavirus, but we know that this measure has had wider impacts for the Little River community.

“Adjusting the ring of steel to go around Little River instead of through it will alleviate any confusion and unify this community under the same set of restrictions.”

Little River residents who were previously on the metropolitan side of the border can now move into the same stage three restrictions as the rest of regional Victoria.

This may mean some residents will need to apply for a work permit if their work is located in metropolitan Melbourne.