Goal to engage seniors

Football Victoria's Abraham Abraham, and Manor Lakes Community Centre's Adiam Beyin.

Most people envision sports as being high intensity and fast paced, but Walking Football provides an opportunity for people of all levels of fitness and ability the chance to participate.

Launched by Football Victoria and in collaboration with Manor Lakes Community Centre, the goal of the sessions are to promote the benefits of ongoing physical activity.

Program manager Abraham Abraham said there were many programs catered towards young children and adults, but there was a gap in the services provided for seniors.

“[We hope to] engage seniors through keeping them active, providing mental health, and the main thing is bringing that community together, where they can come in once a week an hour, kick the ball around and socialise with each other,” he said.

Mr Abraham said the response from the community had been “very positive”, and combined with the collaborative work of Football Victoria and Manor Lakes Community centre, the program was running within a week.

“It’s been well received in Wyndham…different groups connect under one roof and through football, hopefully make a friend.”