Fish stocks hit record


The state government has hit a high-water mark with 10 million fish stocked this year through its stocking program for recreational fishers, including those in Wyndham.

Outdoor Recreation Minister Steve Dimopoulos announced the major milestone for Victorians on April 11, while more brown trout was being stocked in Ballarat.

The state government said more fish are stocked in Victoria than every other state and territory in Australia combined.

This includes Murray cod, golden perch, brown and rainbow trout, threatened Macquarie perch, dusky flathead and Australian bass to bolster fishing experiences for every Victorian.

Mr Dimopoulos said the fish stocking program continues to deliver record-breaking results for Victorian anglers.

“Another year of 10 million fish being stocked means great fishing for future generations and attracting more families and friends to every corner of Victoria to enjoy this great activity,” he said.

This year, more than 1.4 million brown and rainbow trout have been stocked in waterways across the state, while 7.4 million native Murray cod and golden perch fingerlings are also now in waters.

The state government said it has also stocked 460,000 Australian bass and 300,000 silver perch in every corner of Victoria.

It said it is making sure the future of the endangered Macquarie perch continues to shine brighter with nearly 80,000 fingerlings stocked into Victorian waters.

This is aimed to re-establish wild populations across the state, fast-tracking the recovery of the once-prominent native fish.