Epping wildlife on the mend

Picture: Luke Hemer

By Samantha Walker

Sunny, a 15-month-old eastern grey kangaroo, is on the mend after suffering burns to his feet during a grassfire at Epping on December 19. But it will be a slow recovery, says Dr Robyn Coy (pictured), owner of the Kilmore Wildlife Shelter where Sunny and five other kangaroos injured in the same fire are in care. Dr Coy says Sunny will be there for more than a year because of his young age and the extent of his injuries. Besides the burns to his feet, Sunny has a few scorch marks in his fur and some missing whiskers. “Burns are a very slow-healing wound,” Dr Coy says. To donate to Kilmore Wildlife Shelter or follow Sunny’s progress, go to the shelter’s Facebook page. Pictures: Luke Hemer


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