Driver: “Why my car?”

Photo: Victoria Police 209199_01

By Alesha Capone

Police were left shaking their heads after intercepting a driver on Tarneit Road, whose unregistered car had no exhaust system connected and bald tyres.

Yesterday at 5.30pm, the driver – a 32-year-old Point Cook man – drove his car past a police vehicle.

Officers intercepted the vehicle, after noticing the driver was not indicating to change lanes.

However the driver asked police: “Why my car?” and said, “I’m just driving to see my girlfriend.”

Further checks by police identified the car as unregistered and the driver as having a cancelled licence.

The driver received three infringement notices:

$413 – for the use of a vehicle that doesn’t comply with standards of registration.

$826 – for unlicensed driving.

$826 – for the use of an unregistered car.