Cycling strategy to identify gaps

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham council has signalled its intention to conduct audits of the municipality’s cycling and pedestrian path network, to identify missing links and infrastructure issues.

The audits commitment is part of the draft Wyndham Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy, which the council approved last week for public consultation.

The draft strategy says that the information collected in the audits will be used to inform future capital works programs in Wyndham.

The strategy also said that data from the 2012-2016 Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity showed that 70,000 walking and cycling trips were made in the Wyndham area during that timeframe.

The document said that people may be deterred from taking short, local trips due to “connectivity issues” including non-continuous, narrow and unmaintained footpaths; lack of supporting infrastructure such as lighting, public toilets, water fountains and seating areas and safety concerns.

“Wyndham’s current network has gaps that limit connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists,” the draft strategy said.

“Residents report that some sections of footpaths and cycle routes are missing and that connections are often poor, this can be a disincentive to walking and cycling for transport and can present barriers for people with limited and restricted mobility.”

The draft strategy said that increasing the number of residents who walk or cycle to work could help to reduce road congestion in Wyndham.

“In 2018, 20 per cent of Wyndham residents travelling to work or study by car reported a travel time of 90 minutes or more to and from work or study,” the draft strategy said.

“Most residents reported a travel time of 30-60 minutes to and from work or study.”

Councillor Heather Marcus described the draft masterplan as “really fabulous ”.

“It is important that we get more people out there on their bicycles,” she said.

Public consultation on the draft Wyndham Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy is proposed to take place over four weeks from mid-November to mid-December.