Cutting-edge breast cancer detection now available in Wyndham

Dr Rob Piaggio and mammographer Victoria Lynn. Photo: Damjan Janevski

Cutting-edge breast cancer detection technology has come to Hoppers Crossing.

The MIA Radiology clinic, which performs about 300 mammographies a month, is now offering them in 3D to women across the west.

The Heaths Road clinic’s 3D technology allows specialist breast imaging doctors to identify and characterise individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue, which, in 2D technology, can result in misleading or false positive findings.

Clinical studies have shown a 41 per cent increase in the detection of invasive breast cancer through 3D mammography.

MIA’s Danielle Browne said the 3D mammography meant patients across Wyndham could get more accurate results, closer to home.

“This technology is very new to the industry. Previously, patients would have had to travel into the city to access this technology,” she said.