Crime figures falling


Overall crime is down, but residential aggravated burglaries have hit a five-year high, new crime figures reveal.

The latest numbers from the Crime Statistics Agency reveal total crime across Wyndham was down 6.5 per cent in the 12 months to June 30, despite a 43 per cent surge in residential aggravated burglaries, with 153 offences recorded.

Residential aggravated burglaries have been on an upward trend since 2013 when 98 offences were recorded.

The figures show Point Cook (up 147 per cent to 42 offences), Tarneit (up 58.8 per cent) and Wyndham Vale (up 38.5 per cent) were hot spots for these types of offences.

Residential non-aggravated burglaries were down 17.2 per cent from 1332 offences to 1103.

Family violence offences, assaults, sexual offences, robberies, breaching bail conditions and disorderly conduct also recorded increases, while on the flip side, there were decreases in car thefts and thefts from motor vehicles, retail store thefts, property and deception offences, arson offences, criminal damage and graffiti.

In recent months, police have been cracking down on aggravated burglaries, carjackings, robberies and stolen vehicles in two targeted operations across Wyndham and surrounding areas, in operations Regnant and Wayward.

Wyndham Police Acting Inspector Ben Davies said these operations have had a “significant impact on the aggressive ‘kick in’ style aggravated burglaries” that were trending earlier this year.

“A large number of recent aggravated burglaries can be attributed to thieves sneaking in to houses whilst people are home, with no desire to confront the victims,” Acting Inspector Davies said.

“It is not uncommon for thieves to get in via open doors, windows or garages.

“I would strongly advise residents to ensure all of their entrances are secured at night or when they are not home, including any doors that lead to or from their garage. External lighting with motion sensors are also very effective and cheap deterrents.”

Acting Inspector Davies said the reduction in Wyndham’s overall crime rate was a testament to extra manpower across the division.

“We have been assisted by departments such as transit, the mounted branch, K9, air wing and the operational response unit.

“Strategic patrols, victim support and education, and recidivist offender management have all contributed to the result.

“Our community safety team have been out and about at all areas that attract a high volume of visitors and are having a positive impact on public safety both day and night.

“We will be continuing and increasing our road policing operations as the weather warms up and every driver in the Wyndham area can expect to be checked over the coming months for drugs and/or alcohol.”