Construction problems build

Moira Linton from Point Cook company, Melbourne Wide Demolition, which claims it is owed more that $20,000 by liquidation threatened builder Apex Homes. (Damjan Janevski) 390954_01

Cade Lucas

The possible liquidation of construction company Apex Homes could leave a Point Cook demolition business more than $20,000 out of pocket.

Melbourne Wide Demolition was last year hired by Apex to clear a property in Geelong ahead of construction of a new home beginning on the site.

After completing the demolition work, the company submitted an invoice to Apex Homes for $21,450 to be paid by mid January.

After the payment deadline was missed and repeated attempts to contact the company failed, Melbourne Wide Demolition director Moira Linton said news of a winding up order being taken out against Apex made her realise the money may never arrive.

“Just gutted actually,” said Ms Linton of her reaction to the news which she came across while doing a Google search.

Concreting company Aerolink Pty Ltd, trading as Midway, has lodged an application to have Apex Homes wound up over unpaid debts of more than $46,000.

The application was lodged on January 29, but only made public on February 15.

The application will be heard in the Victorian Supreme Court on Thursday, with speculation at least three other creditors may join the action.

Apex Homes has signalled it will fight liquidation.

Apex director Bruno Luciani refused to comment when contacted by the Star Weekly while fellow director Tom Tasci failed to respond to inquiries.

The North Melbourne based builder has customers across Wyndham, Geelong and other parts of Melbourne, with many now at risk of losing their deposits and homes if it is forced into liquidation.

One Apex customer Star Weekly spoke with on condition of anonymity, said they had already paid the company more than $100,000 for a home that may never be built.

“I don’t even know what to say, I’m so stressed out,” they said, adding that Apex had emailed them last week saying they would try to fix the problem, but offering no further assurances.

Another customer spoken to by Star Weekly said they paid a $16,000 deposit to Apex in June last year so construction of their new home could commence.

However, eight months on, the land on which the home was to be built remains untouched and after last week demanding Apex repay their deposit, they were told the money had been spent on administrative paperwork.

Moira Linton said while not being paid the money they’re owed would leave a hole in their balance sheet, Melbourne Wide Demolition would survive. Just.

“We’re probably on the brink,” she said.

“This is one problem we’ve had. If we have another one, we’re definitely gone.”