Community feedback to create a creative Wyndham

Wyndham Civic Centre. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 255196_02

Wyndham council is inviting community feedback to help develop its ‘Creative Wyndham’


The Creative Wyndham strategy aims to identify the role of the arts and creativity in building social connection, attracting events and visitors, making public spaces more attractive, safe and engaging and in building a resilient local economy.

The strategy will also build upon the creative programming that Wyndham council

currently delivers, including visual arts, arts development, creative event programming, libraries, community centres, youth services, public open spaces and cultural venues.

Wyndham councillor Marcel Mahfoud said he was looking forward to community feedback to help to Wyndham to continue to deliver strong creative programs, activities and events.

“We encourage feedback from those who participate and those who do not currently

participate in creative activities in Wyndham,” he said.

“We are a rapidly growing community, and it is important that we plan for a healthy creative

future that caters and invests in our diverse community’s needs. It is important that the strategy we develop reflects our city’s cultural diversity and also the range of artistic disciplines that are practised in Wyndham – from dance, performing arts, craft, storytelling and everything in between.”

Cr Mahfoud council was keen to support community-led creative activity and hoped to hear from a range of views to help shape the strategy.

“We’re here to support local ideas, and vision for a creative Wyndham,” he said.

Community feedback is being accepted March 18.

To provide feedback and for more information visit: