Call to fix ’dangerous’ road

By Alesha Capone

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to be installed on a “dangerous” section of Leakes Road in Tarneit.

Resident Kapil Thakkar started the Change. org petition, which has been signed by more than 225 people, calling for action.

Mr Thakkar said he started the petition, which applies to the part of Leakes Road which runs between Tarneit and Derrimut roads, because residents, especially children, were “risking their lives daily” when crossing the road Mr Thakkar said urgent action was required because Tarneit P-9 and Tarneit Senior colleges were located near one side of the road, with a large estate on the other.

“I have witnessed, multiple times, kids just running across the road, which is very, very dangerous as the road is zoned 70 km/h, even during the school times,” he said.

“Also, there are bus stops on both sides of this patch [of road] and people on-boarding or off-boarding the buses have no option other than risking their lives while crossing to go either side.” Mr Thakkar said he would like to see the speed limit reduced to 40 km/h along the section of Leakes Road, and for a school crossing supervisor to be appointed during school times.

“Permanent traffic lights and a zebra crossing should be installed, ideally near the Crossway Avenue T-intersection or the Monument Drive T-intersection, and would a be lifesaver for our residents,” he said.

Wyndham council’s director of city innovation, economy and liveability, Peter McKinnon, said the request to reduce the road’s speed limit to 40 km/h was the responsibility of the state government.

“That said, council is conducting a review to inform a formal submission to the Department of Transport,” Mr McKinnon said.

“In terms of the request to have a school crossing supervisor allocated to this section of Leakes Road, we will also be conducting a survey early this year to confirm whether traffic numbers and demand warrant this.

“We will also be doing surveys based on demand and traffic to determine whether a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights should be installed along this stretch of road.”