Call for new stations

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham council has called for a train station to be built in Sayers Road, Tarneit West “as soon as possible”.
The council released a report earlier this month, which said that a total of four new railway stations were needed in Wyndham.
The report said stations would be needed in Black Forest Road, Wyndham Vale; Davis Road, Tarneit West and one in Truganina by 2023.
The council report said: Wyndham urgently needs to be more connected and for there to be additional train capacity on both the Werribee Line and the Wyndham Vale Line.
“This is crucial to unclogging our roads and improving liveability for Wyndham residents.”
In addition, the report said demand for public transport caused overcrowding on Wyndham’s trains, and that car parks at railway stations were “…over capacity, further demonstrating growth in patronage and demand”.
“However, creating bigger car parks is not the only solution to overflowing car parks at stations, we need to provide solutions that reduce reliance on cars,” the document said.
“Our residents should have access to frequent bus services that connect with stations, greater connectivity within and outside of Wyndham, and additional train capacity on both the Werribee Line and the Regional Rail Line.”
The state government was contacted for comment.