Book helps young diabetics

Local author Tabitha Page with her new book. (Joe Mastroianni). 227022_01

Wyndham Vale author Tabitha Page has penned a children’s book about a young girl who is diagnosed with Type One (Juvenile) Diabetes.

Page wrote the book, I’m a Type One Kid, based on her experiences as a carer to her younger brother who was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes while at primary school.

The book, which has been illustrated by Anna Kulieshova, chronicles the journey of young Tina and her family as they adapt to daily life with diabetes and its medical requirements.

Tina learns how to look after herself and stay healthy, in a story suitable for children aged four and over.

“I want newly-diagnosed children, their siblings, their friends and classmates, to be able to read this book and understand what is happening and what is going to happen next,” Page said.

“I wanted to create a simple book, with breakdowns for difficult words, with pictures of what to expect and aimed to keep it fun and easy to absorb.

“I also wanted to tell children and families dealing with Type One, that their feelings are normal and that they are OK and that even though this condition is hard, they can take part; they can do awesome things and they can have fun.”

I’m a Type One Kid is Page’s fifth book and the first in her I’m a super kid series.

I’m a Type One Kid will be released to the public on March 13, via a free online book launch which will be open to the public.