Book explains virus to kids

Daniela Lim with her new book. (Joe Mastroianni). 210366_02

By Alesha Capone

Werribee’s Daniela Lim has written a free online children’s story and activity book, which explains the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Lim said she created the book, titled Mia the Magpie and Rex the Rabbit Fight the Coronavirus,after realising her own children were being significantly affected by the amount of discussion about the virus.

“Speaking to friends of mine with kids, I realised that some children have been worried or anxious and parents did not always know what to say,” Ms Lim said.

“So I created a book that would address what kids could do to stay safe without it becoming an overwhelming issue which they feel like they do not have control over.

“I wanted to give them a sense of understanding and provide the tools for them to feel like they have some control during these uncertain times.”

Ms Lim’s sister Priscilla Lim illustrated the book, which also has an accompanying video on YouTube.

Director Mina Luna from Black Xolo Films and animator Karla Gonzalez Mauricio collaborated on the video.

“What I enjoyed most about creating this was working together with a fantastic group of ladies to make this happen,” Ms Lim said.

“We all came together with the skills we had to make something that can potentially help a lot of people.”

Ms Lim said the book was available to download for free online, as they wanted to make it available to all families, including those on a low income.

See, or @limfamilybooks on Instagram for details, or contact Ms Lim at