Bike theft warning

By Alesha Capone

Three bicycles have been stolen from racks outside the Pacific Werribee shopping centre in Wyndham.
Karen Ryan said her 15-year-old son’s bicycle, a black Trek Marlin 5 mountain bike, was stolen from outside the centre on January 29 between 2-3pm.
She said the bike, valued about $600, had been fastened with a bike lock when it was stolen. The lock was also taken.
Ms Ryan said she is aware of two other bikes, also stolen from outside the centre.
Her son’s friend had his BMX, valued about $800, stolen on Saturday, February 15.
It too was fastened with a bike lock at the time. The lock was broken and discarded on the ground.
“These kids have been saving up their birthday money to get their bikes,” she said.
“They’re absolutely gutted, both of them.
“People need to be aware this sort of thing is happening.”
Ms Ryan said she had reported the theft to police, and posted about it on Facebook, in the hopes of tracking down the bike.
She said a man contacted her to say he had seen a male attempting to sell the same model bike as her sons at Cash Converters in Yarraville.
Ms Ryan said that staff from the Cash Convertors store said they had not purchased the bike, but that all stolen bikes could be listed on