Bicycle theft leaves a sad feeling

The stolen bicycle. Photo: Supplied

By Alesha Capone

A Sanctuary Lakes resident has expressed disappointment after a thief stole a bicycle from her backyard earlier this month.

Florita Pamintuan said her husband had given her the blue-green Merida bicycle on Valentine’s Day.

She said a thief entered their Times Square backyard, near Sanctuary Lakes golf course, in the early hours of March 2 or 3 and “brazenly” took the bike.

“I was pretty upset and devastated – I couldn’t believe it had been stolen,” Ms Pamintuan said.

She said that she reported the stolen bike to the security team at the Sanctuary Lakes Resort.

Ms Pamintuan with her bicycle. Photo: Supplied

Ms Pamintuan said she was surprised by the theft, as her dogs were home at the time.

“It’s sad how in this day and age you can’t even feel secure with your own belongings, even in your own backyard,” she said.

“The only consolation is that it was my bike and not anything else … we were all at home and sleeping at the time it was taken.”

Ms Pamintuan said she was not so much upset by the theft of the bicycle itself, but more by the loss of a gift from her husband.