Better eating disorder support


The state budget includes a $31 million investment into services and treatment for Victorians, including those in Wyndham, who are struggling with an eating disorder.

This funding comes following the unprecedented global pandemic and the pervasive impact of social media which have both caused a significant rise in new eating disorders and relapses – a statistic that is sadly replicated worldwide.

The package includes $6.4 million to deliver 10 dedicated early intervention professionals in the communities that need them most through Area Mental Health and Wellbeing Services. These professionals will support consumers to improve the speed of recovery, reduce symptoms and the likelihood of long-term recovery.

Mental Health Minister Ingrid Stitt said every Victorian deserves to get the support they need.

“We recognise the vital impact of early intervention for Victorians facing mental health challenges, including eating disorders. This funding is crucial, helping us to deliver life-saving care and treatment,” she said.

“Eating disorders can have a significant impact on not only those who live with them, but their families and carers as well – that’s why we are also providing support to families.”

Offering access to support and treatment – including group therapy, individual work, education, medical consultation and supervised meals, will allow Victorians to remain at home while receiving the same care delivered at inpatient units.

The Budget will also deliver $6.5 million for two In-Home Intensive Early Engagement and Treatment Programs, one to be delivered by Alfred Health and one by an Infant, Child and Youth Area Mental Health and Wellbeing Service – this work will help people living with eating disorders avoid hospitalisation.

$5.8 million will go towards supporting the work of Eating Disorders Victoria, helping to continue its critical role supporting Victorians experiencing eating disorders and their families and carers with services such as wellbeing checks, telehealth services and delivering life-changing initiatives like their unique Peer Mentoring Program.

This funding also includes $5.1 million to maintain the provision of treatment, care, and support to consumers with eating disorders at Melbourne Health, Austin Health, and Monash Health.

This package builds on over $39 million for eating disorders in the last two Budgets, including $16.9 million for Victoria’s first Public Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Centre (RED-TC) – currently under construction.