Fast action sought on Hoppers Crossing slow motion

A Hoppers Crossing resident is calling for speed limits in the area to be revised – upwards.

Nathan Farrugia has started an online petition calling for Hogans, Heaths, Derrimut and Sayers roads to have their speed limit increased from 60km/h to 70km/h.

Late last year, VicRoads lowered the speed limit by 10km/h on the roads following a statewide review that recommended the removal of 70km/h and 90km/h zones to avoid driver confusion.

But Mr Farrugia, 24, said the slower speeds were causing drivers to become frustrated.

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“We simply want the speed limits returned to their original state, from the newly imposed 60km/h back to 70km/h,” he said. “The lowered speed limits feel very slow, extend driving time and have a negative impact on driver attitudes towards driving and speed limits.

“Even after a six-month period to adjust to these new limits, they still feel extremely limiting and not appropriate for the area.”

Mr Farrugia said that while VicRoads had argued that 70km/h zones were confusing, that was not the case on a road where the speed limit was constant.

“People don’t want less 70km/h zones – they just want fewer changes in allowable speeds,” he said. “It’s a hard thing to fight because people will say that it’s safer, but these are main roads and they should be faster than 60km/h.”

But RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council chairman Jim Giddings said the lower speed limits should stay.

“People have got to realise that with the growth in population we’ve experienced, a reduction in speed limits is a positive thing,” Mr Giddings said.

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