Education Week: Improving is a key to success

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College students are encouraged to improve. (Photo supplied)

By Carole Levy

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College principal Keith Halge is proud of the achievements of his students.

With the support of college staff and the wider community, he is instrumental in producing students who are happy, self-confident and successful young people who can demonstrate independence and a sense of career direction.

“The theme of the college this year is ‘differentiation is the key to success’. It is clear when looking at the students entering and graduating from the college that the differences in their interests, strengths and personal qualities are wide,” Mr Halge says.

“We promote a culture of improvement, where students are encouraged to strive for their best and use feedback to progress academically.

“We understand that not every day is going to be a student’s best day, but with our Improvement policy, every student who submits a task can seek feedback and work towards improving their results.

“This builds a child’s confidence in their own learning and resilience when faced with a challenging task.”

The college offers comprehensive opportunities that aim to maximise the future success of each student.

A well-established feature of the college is the active guidance provided to students regarding both their short-term targets and long-term aspirations.

Mr Halge is particularly impressed with the pathways team who co-ordinate a targeted program for each year level.

“In 2018, for the first time we could not identify the top five professions preferred by students because the chosen pathways of the graduating cohort was so diverse,” he says. “This reflects a positive growth in the levels of engagement in career investigation and effective career counselling.”

The range of extra curricula opportunities reflects the varied interests of the students. Leadership and student voices are highly valued, with programs such as the Overseas Learning Program, School for Student Leadership, Model United Nations and Wynspeak public speaking competitions.

These prepare students to become articulate, contributing members of society. Their significance was particularly recognised last year with a year 12 student receiving a VCE Leadership Award from the state government for his involvement and contribution.

An ongoing commitment to performing arts was once again rewarded in 2018 by winning –for the fourth time – the state championship in the Wakakirri performing arts event, as well as having a dance group in the statewide Schools Spectacular at the Tennis Centre.

To find out about college enrolments, call the co-ordinator Kim Schiele.


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Hoppers Crossing Secondary College students. (Photo supplied)