Mixed heritage ‘asset’: Fiona Price

23-02-17 Pic of Fiona Price. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Fiona Price’s earliest memories of growing up bi-racial include playground taunting.

“Go back to where you came from,” the children jeered when they saw Dr Price’s Chinese mother. “They didn’t know I was Chinese because I didn’t particularly look it,” Dr Price says.

“But one thing my mother did, which was quite useful, was discover God and start taking me to Chinese churches.

“While it didn’t move me on any religious level, I was surrounded by Chinese people and they were really fascinated by my racial mix.

“That’s when I started seeing my mixed heritage as a real asset.”

She has now embraced those experiences and this week at the Lerderderg library will be giving a talk about the Chinese language and culture, mixed with humorous anecdotes about her Chinese mother.

Dr Price says while many people tend to stay away from stereotypes, she finds them a rich source of information.

Her talk will run from 10am-noon on Saturday, March 4 at the library, 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh.