Training that HIITs the spot

The HIIT Factory Werribee owner Renee Lee. (Supplied)

The HIIT Factory is a fast, fat-burning fitness establishment that offers group training sessions catering for all levels and ages.

A variety of session formats are offered including HIIT Step, Insanity, FBX, P90X, Core De Force, Yoga, Pilates and some exclusive formats to the HIIT Factory, including Tabata21, Raise the Bar, The Ladder, HIIT Skip, Booty Burn, HIIT Strength, AbLab and KettleHIIT.

The HIIT Factory Werribee, one of nine franchises and the fourth to open, is more than just a gym.

Owner Renee Lee says the recent creation of HIIT #LIVEinyourloungeroom has been a huge success, delivering live sessions to clients to keep them motivated, healthy and connected during the pandemic.

“You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of equipment [if any] to be able to get a session done,” Renee says. “Thirty minutes is all we need for any of our sessions and the great part is, your children, husband, wife and family members in your home can join in as well.

“Whether someone trains five times per week or only manages to get one session in amongst their everyday lives, each person forms part of something more than just a gym, more than just a group of fitness people – we are a community, we are a family.

“I absolutely love what I do. Not only being able to deliver these sessions, but to see the transformation in people from the first time they enter the factory and their ongoing journey through their love of HIIT.”

If you’re keen to get your body moving and to get results, Renee has a great deal up for grabs right now that’s suitable for all levels.

“And it’s not one to be missed!” she says. “There is something for everyone here at The HIIT Factory.

The HIIT Factory Werribee, 3 Loop Road, Werribee. Inquiries: 0424 415 069, 
email or visit