Roller-skating fun

Some of the Princess on Skates participants.

On Sunday, September 3 Eagle Stadium was abuzz with excitement and laughter as families gathered to enjoy a day of roller-skating fun at the highly anticipated event, Princess on Skates.

Some participants organised their day as a special present for Father’s Day.

Under the warm and sunny winter sky, children and adults alike laced up their roller skates and took to the outdoor courts. The atmosphere was filled with joy and enthusiasm as participants of all skill levels glided across the smooth surface, accompanied by upbeat music that added to the festive ambiance.

Princess On Skates offered an excellent opportunity for families to bond, connect, and create lasting memories. Parents were seen cheering on their little ones as they confidently showcased their skating skills, while other families enjoyed some quality time together on wheels, embracing the spirit of the event.

The organisers of Princess on Skates expressed their gratitude to all the participants, who contributed to making the event a tremendous success. Throughout the day, the safety of attendees remained a top priority, with designated staff members ensuring a well-organised and secure environment for everyone.

“We are thrilled to have witnessed such a positive response to Princess On Skates,“ said Paul Lacchiana, programs officer at Eagle Stadium.

“We aimed to create an unforgettable experience for families, and it warms our hearts to see everyone coming together and having a great time. We are thankful to all the participants for making this event truly special.“