Personalised service with FindYourZero

Belinda Mangani is driven by creating positive change and transforming lives in the community. (Supplied)

Elle Cecil

Now in her 19th year of business, Belinda Mangani provides a variety of financial and wellbeing services to residents of Wyndham and beyond.

The business, Find Your Zero, has entered into the 2022 Wyndham Business Awards in the Home-Based Business category. The awards celebrate business entrepreneurs, innovators and hardworking operators and highlight achievements of leading Wyndham businesses across key industry sectors.

Commencing as a mortgage broker in 2004, Ms Mangani specializes in home loans, personal loans and business and asset finance, as well as conducting wellbeing and finance programs for individuals, families and corporate clients.

Ms Mangani was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2015, which led her into deep research on how underlying emotional trauma can often unconsciously affect personal wellbeing. As of 2019, Ms Mangani has been certified to train and teach neuro-linguistics and hypnotherapy. These new learnings had a profound impact on Ms Mangani, leading her to include their principles in her business.

Driven by creating positive change and transforming lives in the community, Ms Mangani has written three books emphasizing the need for mental health strategies for success, as well as providing her successful FindYourZero program.

She is proud of the quality over quantity approach she takes to new clients.

“Most lenders/mortgage brokers focus on client volumes – my services focus more on clients seeking a more personalised, in-depth, tailored, step-by-step guidance and coaching service such as first home buyers,” Ms Mangani says.

“A typical client experience includes extensive hours of one-on-one phone calls often outside typical working hours.”

“Now more than ever, with media attention focused on interest rate hikes, a higher cost of living and higher housing prices, it is vital to address and provide solutions for managing ongoing affordability, stress and anxiety, all of which have a huge impact on personal wellbeing, mental health and relationships, both at work and in the home.”

Ms Mangani provides an honest, open and caring approach toward all her clients, sharing her personal journey with both good and not so good experiences, in the hope that she can assist you to avoid financial mistakes and become debt free.

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