Operation Roadwise targets main causes of road crashes

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During the 2023 Christmas Holiday break Victoria Police will be conducting road policing Operation Roadwise from December 15 to January 1.

The operation aims to increase driver awareness and journey planning, while reducing road trauma during this high-risk time on our roads

Road Policing Adviser Acting Senior Sergeant Kristy Briffa from Westgate Highway Patrol said, “During this Road Policing Operation, Victoria Police will implement a strategically co-ordinated and tactically focused approach targeting the key contributing factors to road trauma”.

Police will be targeting the main causes of fatalities and serious injuries in crashes which are:

• Speed

• Driver distraction and vulnerable road users (cyclists, solos and pedestrians)

• Restraint and seat belt non-compliance

• Fatigue

• Impaired driving (alcohol and/or drug)

Police will be out in force both to educate drivers and to enforce road rules, with a view to preventing lives lost and serious injuries.

We’re watching your speed. Are you?

Motorists will see numerous police units on the major arterial roads during this holiday period and speed cameras will be set up in identified speed and high collision locations throughout the state. Those planning to travel during this period can expect to see an increase in vehicles travelling on major freeways and highways.

Police will be targeting drivers who attend end of year work functions as it has been identified that there is a risk that some drivers will take risks whilst they are impaired by alcohol and drugs.

Drivers should plan their trips, be patient and ensure that they have frequent breaks when driving long distances.

Road trauma isn’t just about the lives that are lost – it’s about the enormous impact on the community from family members to the emergency service workers who must deal with these tragedies on a daily basis and to the police who deliver devastating news to loved ones.

The whole community has a responsibility and a role to play in reducing road trauma.

Remember, travel so that you arrive at your destination safely and enjoy your Christmas/New Year holiday.

RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council Chairman Mr Jim Giddings said it has been demonstrated time after time that speed is a contributing factor in most road crashes. Therefore, stay within the speed limit and drive to suit the conditions you face.

Speeding increases both the risk of a crash happening, and the severity of injuries sustained when a crash does happen.

Mr Giddings said the work of his group along with initiatives like the Operation Roadwise during the 2023 Christmas Holiday period would hopefully reduce the number of serious road crashes on our roads.

Road safety is not everyone else’s responsibility. It is yours. If you plan to have a drink, then plan not to drive. The risk of drinking and driving is just not worth endangering your life or those other road users.

Before embarking on any driving trips drivers should check their tyres, windscreen washers, indicators, brakes, and lights. So, make sure you and your vehicle are fit for the road.

He asked the community to report speeding drivers to Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000