Much to be proud of at Hoppers Crossing Secondary

Principal Keith Halge with college captains Claire Price and Jade Wolski.

Principal Keith Halge

In 2023, there is much to be proud of with our great school. We continue to be a school of choice in Wyndham and in 2024 will maintain a similar enrolment size with approximately 1550 students studying at the College.

I would like to recognise the outstanding work of the HCSC staff who plan and execute an engaging teaching and learning program and reinforce the structures we have in place to support students with their wellbeing and learning.

Our school Wakakirri team received a national award as well as two state awards, which was a wonderful outcome for the 100 strong team from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Our Youth Parliament team successfully wrote and presented legislation that was adopted at the 2023 Youth Parliament conference around ‘reforming the care animals are given at animal shelters’ and the college also hosted a round of the Wynspeak Public Speaking competition with a number of our students honing their skills in this area.

Our student clubs initiative further expanded with student clubs now prevalent across the college including the Movie Club, Hoppers Column (our student led newspaper), the Human Rights Club, The Rainbow Group (promoting inclusion for all), the Interact Club (a Rotary

initiative which allows young people to engage with the wider community through community service), the Coding Club, Chess Club, Green Team and Legends of Literature all being very well supported by the student body.

It has always been my belief that great schools not only consider the specific academic needs of the students and help them achieve more than they thought possible, but also continuously provide multiple opportunities for students to become deeply immersed in the ‘ethos’ of the school both within and outside the classroom environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the college who continue to inspire our students in their learning and the students who inspire our teachers to engage in classroom practices that are continually developing to meet the changing needs of our students in a truly global society.