Looking after women’s wellbeing in the west

Chris from IPC Health’s child and family team.

IPC Health wishes the women in our communities a wonderful International Women’s Day!

The theme this year is to inspire inclusion and as an organisation, we’re committed to maintaining a barrier-free and welcoming environment for all members of our diverse communities.

As your local community health care provider in the west, we offer a range of integrated services to improve and support your health and wellbeing. We’re all about supporting this generation to bring the next generation up healthy and strong.

Our child and family teams work inclusively with mums, families, and kids both individually and together to strengthen bonds and set them up for a bright future. From mental health services, behavioural support and school readiness to paediatrics, pregnancy and the early years, we’re here for you and your family.

“I advocate for my clients and work to encourage and empower them, in the firm belief that knowledge is the key to unlocking true potential. My role is a commitment to providing the necessary knowledge that enables them to make meaningful progress and positive changes, ultimately transforming and improving their lives,” says family engagement worker Chris from the child and family team

With six campuses across Melbourne’s west, we work with you to identify your individual health and wellbeing goals. Our extensive community partners ensure that you receive the right care tailored to your needs. From mental health and aged care services to volunteering and GP clinics, we also provide outreach, support groups and group classes.

Visit our website at www.ipchealth.com.au for more information and get in touch on 1300 472 432to see how we can move your health and wellbeing journey forward together.