International Women’s Day at Laverton Community Children’s Centre


Laverton Community Childrens Centre (LCCC)employs 54 diverse women from all corners of the globe.

Many of these women have been juggling the challenges of raising a family, learning English, study and the daunting challenge of new employment. Their chosen course of employmentis not just a job, its undertaking the responsibility of nurturing and educating young children. Most of us would have viewed any of these obstacles as barriers too large to overcome. The determination of these women being able to undertake these challenges, encompasses International Women’s Day.

LCCCs leadership team, consists of, Krystle, Michelle, Melanny, Tina, Narelle and Victoria. They contribute endless hours of paperwork and meetings that ensure the centre runs smoothly. Michelle and Krystle say “It is important that our team understand their value, if our educators are happy, the children are happy.”

Jenny, Helene (also known as the baby whisperer), Kerry, and Kylie, are the mentors of LCCC. These women have devoted over 15 years to LCCC, an extremely rare occasion. Newer educators rely on these OGs for guidance and support. They lead with grace, strength and kindness whilst supporting the leadership team with implementations across the building.

Our skilled kindergarten team work tirelessly to ensure that the children in their care are supported in all areas of development.You will often hear them say “It’s about the children and doing what’s right for them and their needs.” Pam, Jen, Cathy and Lynda, collaboratively, bring decades of experience to ensure our programs are including the most current and up to date practices, taking time away from their own families to attend lengthy training to bring back to share with the team.

LCCC, Laverton Education Centre and the Laverton Community Centre, is part of a broader community, known asLaverton Community Integrated Services. This allows us to take on student placements and volunteers. Stepping forward to independence, students assisted in the kitchen, early childhood education and care students conduct their required placement hours when possible. Our volunteers from the Laverton Community Centre assist in the office with the endless administration that an early childcare requires. LCCC has had the privilege of employing students who have developed skills to be an integral part of our team.

LCCC is grateful for our remarkable, independent international women that help shape our future.