In search of backyard bliss

The Aarons Outdoor Living team. (Photo supplied)

Carole Levy

Do you have a backyard that’s crying out to become an oasis, a fab space to share with family and friends – while incidentally adding to the value of your property?

If that’s a resounding yes, now’s the time to bump elbows with Mark Zimmer and George Mcbride, who have recently opened Aarons Outdoor Living in Hoppers Crossing – although the official grand opening isn’t until October 10.

It might seem like Mark and George have taken a gamble with kicking off a new venture during the pandemic season, but as it turns out it’s a great time for people to be considering a backyard project. Mark explains why:

“With all the extra hours spent at home, homeowners have time to think about what their backyard means to them, how it works or doesn’t work for the family,” he says.

“A business like ours is perfectly set up to streamline any project dreamed up in this enforced downtime – but more about this later.

“Another aspect is that, with current travel restrictions and all the uncertainty ahead, the usability of our backyards is going to assume even more importance. Plus a well-designed backyard can get the holiday vibe going all year round, and who doesn’t love that?”

George says Aarons Outdoor Living is a streamlined one-stop-shop for services and products that simplify …everything.

“For starters, we have a whole team of installers – from landscapers, electricians and plumbers to plasterers and pool installers,” George says. “Our customers don’t need to co-ordinate their tradies.

“Then we offer just about everything needed to transform a backyard into a holiday retreat. We’ve tried to give a feel in our display yard of what we can create, and to inspire ideas.

“Our customers can come along, have a chat with us and gather all the information they need.”

Worth noting: Free quotes are obligation-free, and the option of four-year interest-free payments is on offer.

Products and services

Swimming pools, pergolas/gazebos, Balinese huts, poolside change rooms, granny flats cubby houses, bamboo screens, artificial grass.

Aarons Outdoor Living, 
427 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. 
Opens 9am-5pm daily. Inquiries: 8529 7263, 
email or visit