Empowering women in fitness at WynActive


According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a higher portion of females than males did not meet the national physical activity guidelines in 2020-21.

Engaging in physical activity can be challenging for women for various reasons, with one prominent barrier being the struggle to feel included in fitness spaces. Everyone deserves to live an active and healthy lifestyle, so the team at WynActive are always trying to help people feel more included. From group classes to dedicated women’s fitness initiatives, they provide a range of programs to support women being active.

Group fitness classes at WynActive often foster a sense of belonging through shared enjoyment and are popular among women. Jess leads the Pound classes at AquaPulse and is one of only a handful of instructors in Victoria.

Pound participant Kathryn said she is “full of energy“ and “so much fun“. Motivating yourself to workout can be hard, but the atmosphere of group fitness classes like Pound makes it easier. The class leaves participants like Linda praising it as, “the best fun you can have on a Sunday morning” and encouraging others to come along. “Come and get your endorphins grooving!“

AquaPulse offers a women’s only swimming session every Thursday from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm. Roller doors confine the warm water pool into its own space with direct access to the female change rooms. Women come to the sessions for reasons related to culture, religion or simply because it’s where they feel most comfortable.

WynActive staff member Brittany has noticed a lot of mums who, unable to swim during other times, get to seize this opportunity to join their children in the water.

“They’re able to have a good time in an environment that feels safe for them,” she said.

WynActive will continue to help women feel comfortable and empowered in their fitness journeys this International Women’s Day. They call on their patrons, men and women alike, to encourage the women in their lives to engage in physical activity – whether it’s a walk down the road or a swim with the kids – because it takes a community to inspire inclusion