Carolin’s powerful journey through aged care


At Heritage Care, we help residents meet their specific care needs through a

person-centred approach that uses the skills and experience of our staff,

technology, lifestyle activities and education, with clear and empathetic dialogue.

One of our younger residents at our Northcote home is Carolin Buchanan. After

a busy life as a sales professional and amateur body builder, Carolin had a stroke

and entered residential respite care. After going home, persistent falls made her

realise that full-time care at Heritage Northcote was the best thing for her

ongoing safety and wellbeing.

“Heritage Care has eased the burden of care for my family and has helped me

live my best life. It has also ended the loneliness of being at home.”

Carolin overcame initial prejudices and assumptions about aged care, adopting a

positive and empowering attitude to a second life that is “a precious gift.” Within

three months of her accident, Carolin was walking again. She attributes her

physical improvement to the dedication and care of staff, the assistance from her

bike and weights, and tailoring her recovery to her own needs and at her own


Carolin loves the management and care staff at Heritage Northcote because

“they’re always listening.” She has derived more meaning and value in her life by

giving back to aged care and acting as an advocate for Heritage Care and “ageing


Frequent falls and recurring bruises are one of the warning signs to consider in

transitioning into residential aged care. A respite or short-term stay can provide

you with the answer and helps you avoid the pressure of choosing an aged care

home under pressure (like a hospital visit, during an illness, or before a lease is


Carolin’s journey into residential respite care then full-time care at Heritage

Northcote, and her positive, powerful attitude, are truly inspiring.

If you or a loved one is experiencing regular and nasty falls, call our friendly

Client Service Team on (03) 8372 4888 to learn more about short and long-term