Care and community is the Casaccio way

Emma Casaccio-Adamo, Jasmine Adamo (fourth generation), Lina Casaccio-Sfetcopoulos and Nicole Casaccio of Casaccio Egg Farm. (Photo supplied)

Carole Levy

It’s said every cloud has a silver lining, so even gloomy coronavirus reveals some unanticipated bright spots.

One of these is the heightened enthusiasm for eggs from Werribee’s own Casaccio Egg Farm. Another is the farm’s burgeoning Facebook community, inspired by the Italian family’s love of food, which connects with customers in a caring, dynamic way.

One of the farm’s directors Lina Casaccio-Sfetcopoulos, says that many in their Facebook community of friends and fellow foodies bring their amazing baked treats using Casaccio eggs into the farmgate store to share.

“We’re so lucky to have tasted some wonderful Casaccio eggs-based food from our lovely customers,” Lina says.

“We have some terrific photos on our Facebook page showing all kinds of treats, as well as a few dishes we’ve cooked up. And recipes from @Australianeggs are also available.”

Lina shares with other family members [pictured] a real desire to inspire good nutrition and a love for food, with a Casaccio egg the key ingredient.

“We also believe that cooking is not just about putting food on the table; it’s about passing on traditions and culture within our families, and spending time together.

“Now that we’re at home more during the pandemic, we have a great chance to spend fun time around cooking with the kids, teaching them simple recipes.

“And maybe their first success will be counted as a new family favourite, a tradition in the making.”

Third generation farm managers Greg, Nunz and Tony take pride in producing top quality eggs that are of highest standard.

They place top priority on the flock’s welfare, just as the Casaccio family did right from the beginning.

Starting with just 2000 hens more than 55 years ago, the farm now has environmentally friendly automated hen houses, free-range systems, and a state-of-the-art grading floor.

The farmgate store doesn’t just sell eggs. There’s a whole range of Australian-made culture-based foods, such as Aurora gelato and desserts, La Bellisima Fresh Pasta, Manuka honey and Arancini Art’s famous arancini. As well, specialty meats are available – such as spitchcock, duck, quail and turkey, among others.

Visit the farm’s shop, where you’ll get a warm welcome from the family, and plenty of parking.

Or with lockdowns and iso in play, farm fresh eggs can be had via a safe and contactless online order delivery service.

Casaccio Egg Farm, 
170-198 Bulban Road, Werribee. 
Inquiries: 9741 0185, visit or 
join Casaccio Egg Farm’s Facebook group.