Kevin Hillier likes Wyndham council’s new choice of names for ‘Eagle’

Werribee Eagle Stadium. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

I should have got the editor to hold the front page because I’m going to compliment the Wyndham council.

Last week’s announcement of the names of the key internal areas of Eagle Stadium showed the council can get it right. I won’t regurgitate the public outcry over the actual name of the stadium; that’s old news. The good news is that they learnt from that mistake and formed an ‘internal components naming group’ comprising representatives of the bodies that use the new facility and used the previous one, as well as the general public and council.

Area one – which includes courts one and two, the show courts – has been named the Nicol Championship Courts to honour the late John Nicol, who helped develop the original centre and was a key to forming the relationship between the Werribee Basketball Association and council. He was also a strong advocate for local sports groups, so this is a fitting acknowledgement, and I know the Nicol family is delighted.

Area three will be known as the Cooney Flaherty Courts, to acknowledge Irene Cooney and Kerryn Flaherty, both trailblazers for netball in Werribee. Finally, area five has been named the Patterson Courts to honour Roy and Ruby Patterson, of the Werribee Badminton Association. The other areas have been given more generic names. It’s a big step to name any part of a facility after a particular person, but this time I think the council has got it right.

We still have a few more weeks to endure before the council elections are over for another four years. Some candidates are not doing themselves any favours with their antics on social media. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you involve yourself in childish name calling and some of the most pathetic arguments I’ve ever seen.

I’m not in the least surprised by this, but I am appalled by the ineptness of some of the candidates in articulating their point. I want someone representing me who can string a sentence together, has clarity of thought and the ability to explain their point of view.