Heart attack claims carrier sailor off Point Cook

A man died after going into cardiac arrest aboard a bulk carrier off Point Cook in Port Phillip Bay on Saturday.

A Newport firefighting crew was taken out to the ship by Williamstown water police. The crew tried to revive the man but was unsuccessful.

The ship originally sent a message saying it would bring the man in to the Royal Victorian Yacht Club, located next to Williamstown police station.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said that given the man’s condition, the ship’s crew was advised not to move him. It was also deemed unsafe to winch the man up to an air ambulance helicopter.

Newport station officer Jason Russell said firefighters responded to the call at 10.15am, unaware the patient was still aboard a tanker.

“Our crew proceeded with the police on the police launch out to the tanker,” he said. “We basically did CPR and oxygen therapy for about nine or 10 minutes.”

He said the air ambulance arrived shortly after 11am and continued to work on the man until 11.35pm.

International Transport Workers’ Federation representative Matt Purcell said the man was believed to be a 26-year-old Filipino who was a cadet on the Nectar, a tanker with a Bahamas flag. Police are preparing a report for the Coroner.