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Hundreds rally against toxic dump

The fight against a toxic dump in Wyndham picked up traction with hundreds of protesters bringing Watton Street to a two-hour standstill.

Son’s council protest

A man who has slammed Wyndham council for failing its “duty of care” towards his elderly parents was escorted out of the council chambers...

Council shakes developer’s trees

More trees are likely to be cut down to make way for new homes in Werribee’s Riverwalk estate, despite residents campaigning for the felling...

Werribee South farmers also affected by dispute

Werribee South farmers are being caught up in an ongoing industrial dispute at a Truganina distribution centre. As protests outside the Polar Fresh centre continue...


First aid for four-legged friends

Victorian pet owners, such as those in Wyndham, are being encouraged to ensure they know basic first aid skills to care for their pets...