Tennis clubs eyes spring success

WLTC section 3 team members Shawn, Senthil, John, Chanh, Justin and Hendra. (Supplied) 241561_01

The Williams Landing Tennis Club (WLTC) is hoping to repeat its autumn success in the upcoming spring season.

The club’s Men’s B Grade (section 3) team won the finals of the Western Suburbs Night Tennis Group (WSNTG) earlier this month.

The club was also named as overall championship winners for autumn 2021.

Section 3 captain Senthil Raj Anbalagan said the WLTC – which formed in mid-2018 – struggled a bit to put forward a team for the autumn competition.

“We had a rough start, we lost the first two nights and we were last in the ladder,” he said.

“But I knew my team is capable of playing way better than last place.

“I believed my team can definitely challenge and be successful in a competitive western region competition.”

Anbalagan said after their two losses, he made sure the team practiced at least once or twice a week, to help hone their formations and understand each other’s game in the doubles competition.

“Guess what, after the two nights we never lost a single Tuesday night,” he said.

“Every week we won, we moved up the ladder.

“At the end of season we played the top team (Yarraville) and we were second on the ladder, we beat them four sets to two sets.”

WLTC ended up on top of the ladder with 38 points to Yarraville’s 36 points.

“We played as a team and respected each other and played with high competitive spirits,” Anbalagan said.

“That got us over the line, I believe.”

WLTC has registered to play in the WSNTG spring competition, which is set to start on July 20.

Anbalagan said he was hoping that WLTC could “be competitive and reach the same heights” for the spring season.

“We have managed to put two teams for next season which is amazing and a personal achievement for me as a competitions officer,” he said.

“This shows the club is growing and the victory has brought us together as a club.”