Wyndham crime rates

By Alesha Capone

The overall crime rate in Wyndham has increased slightly in 12 months, with sex offences, theft and drug use rising.

According to the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency, there were 14,147 offences reported in Wyndham in the 12 months to September, 2018 compared to 14,105 the previous 12 months.

Between September 2017 and September last year, Wyndham police dealt with:

•4932 theft offences (compared to 4629 in the previous 12 months).

•571 drug use and possession offences (compared to 511 previously).

•396 stalking and harassment offences (compared to 366 previously).

•367 sexual offences (compared to 300 previously).

•220 dangerous and negligent acts endangering human life (compared to 166 previously).

Reported assaults and related offences rose slightly, from 1238 offences to 1241.

Robberies dropped slightly, from 152 offences down to 149 offences.

Crimes which decreased included homicides (from five to two offences), burglaries and break-and-enters (from 1506 offences to 1249 offences), property damage (from 1099 offences to 1047 offences) and arson (from 97 offences to 63 offences).

Drug-dealing and trafficking crimes also fell from 84 offences to 77, while drug cultivating and manufacturing decreased from 60 offences to 55.

Inspector Adrian Healy described the reduction in crimes such as burglaries and property damage as “a very good result”.

“That high-harm sort of offending is our main priority, so any reduction is great news,” he said.

Inspector Healy said proactive policing, such as targeted operations and patrols, was one reason why some types of crimes were rising in Wyndham, including the number of people charged with drug use and possession.

He said offenders carrying drugs often came to police attention when they were arrested for other matters, such as behaving in an anti-social manner in public or driving while alcohol or drug-affected.