Using powers for good

Andrew Lorenzo, as Superman. (Instagram/@melbourneusperman)

By Alesha Capone

Tarneit’s Andrew Lorenzo is donning a cape to send messages of hope to people across the world.

Mr Lorenzo is a professional actor and life coach, in addition to being a prolific cosplayer of characters including Superman, Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow.

Mr Lorenzo said that in the middle of the year he decided to start an Instagram account under the name of “melbournesuperman” to help boost people’s spirits during the pandemic.

Mr Lorenzo regularly dresses up as Superman to post photos, accompanied by positive messages, on the Instagram account.

Every Friday evening, he hosts live Q&A sessions on topics ranging from fitness to cosplay, Superman and acting.

“I absolutely love promoting positivity, hope and being able to put a smile on someone’s face,” Mr Lorenzo said.

So far, the account has amassed more than 1050 followers from countries including Australia, America, Brazil and Europe.

“People are constantly messaging me saying, ‘thanks, I really got a smile out of that,’ or, ‘thanks, I really needed that’,” Mr Lorenzo said.

Mr Lorenzo is also friends with Andrew Price and Maria Lodola-Price, the Manor Lakes residents who stage an annual Halloween event to raise funds for the Starlight Foundation.

He said that this year, he and other Melbourne cosplayers would be helping them put on a COVID-safe fundraising event.