Tree trial takes place in Wyndham

138 trial trees were planted in Wyndham. (Supplied) 287126_01

Maples, oaks, ash and elms are part of a ground-breaking trial that could make a unique green contribution to Wyndham’s urban environment.

The tree trial, by developer Villawood Properties and Fleming’s Nurseries, aims to tackle climate change by cutting urban heat island effect with shady tree canopies, while assisting biodiversity and adding more colour to the municipality’s new suburbs.

With one of the lowest tree populations in Victoria, Wyndham street plantings need species that match soil and weather conditions for the best chance to thrive, but with a declining number of species on its approved plantings list, the city is looking to boost the diversity of its urban forest.

Villawood executive director Rory Costelloe said the trial would assist with urban canopies and sustainability.

“Trees are vital to CO2 uptake as well as reducing heat island effect in our suburbs,” they said.

“These trials at Wyndham include deciduous trees which perform really well with seasonal cooling in summing while letting light in during winter.”

The businesses are planting and testing a range of species not presently on Wyndham’s approved list, their performance will be evaluated over three to five years and the results will inform the city’s decisions about suitable new species.

“Once the trees are established and meaningful data is available for interpretation, it will create a valuable resource for making decisions about appropriate trees for planting in the streets of Wyndham,” Fleming’s Leanne Gillies said.