Traffic light frustration


A Wyndham motorist says it’s “inconceivable” that traffic lights installed at the “very dangerous” Lennon Boulevard and Dunnings Road intersection last year are still not operational.

Rhonda Shelton said she uses the section of road weekly and has been involved in “several near misses” herself.

“It’s a very busy intersection opposite a very large college … and on the other side you’ve got a housing estate,” Ms Shelton said.

“As we’re trying to turn right, you’ve got other traffic turning right into Lennon Boulevard, and because of the lack of control at the intersection, because of the oncoming traffic, it’s dangerous.

“Somebody must have already identified this because they have put the lights in place, a very big set of lights, but the frustration of seeing them non-operation for more than six months now, is amazing.”

Ms Shelton said the wait was “mystifying” and she couldn’t comprehend why the process was so lengthy.

“We cannot fathom why on earth it’s taking them so long to turn them on, [and] make them operational,” she said.

“Have they forgotten? Have they missed a part? Is there a lack of communication?”

A Wyndham council spokesperson said council had finalised civil works, but the signals couldn’t be turned on until a full electrical audit was carried out.

“The management of power-related assets is complex, due to stringent safety requirements and delays between construction completion and activation are not unusual,” the spokesperson said.

“The activation of new traffic signals and public lighting … is now a matter for Powercor.”

A Powercor spokesperson said the company intended to connect the lights once all safety requirements had been met.

“We want to assure customers that we understand the importance of getting these lights working as soon as possible, and we will be connecting them as soon as we can,” the Powercor spokesperson said.