Top grades for Lucas

Lucas from the Point Cook Performing Arts studio. Photo By Joe Mastroianni.

By Alesha Capone

A young dancer from the Point Cook Performing Arts studio has won three prestigious ballet awards.

Nine-year-old Lucas took part in the Audrey Nicholls Grade Awards, at the Australian Ballet studios in Melbourne last month.

The awards featured about 275 students, who showcased exercises and dances they had performed in recent Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

Lucas said that he received first place for Grade 2 students; the overall boys Project B Award for grades 1-5; and the Audrey Nicholls Most Potential award for grades 1-3.

“I was very, very excited as I hadn’t done Audrey Nicholls before and didn’t think I would get anything,” Lucas said.

“I have received a few first places and other awards at some smaller competitions but have never won anything like this before.”

Lucas, who does seven hours of dance training every week, said he took up dancing about five years ago.

“I was a bit shy when I was four and didn’t do any activities but I saw the other students having fun in class and thought I would like to try,” he said.

“I love performing on stage and learning new harder steps as I go up the levels.

“I do lots of styles including jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary.”

Lucas said his mother Genevieve, who runs Point Cook Performing Arts, has also given him plenty of good advice about dancing competitions.

“My mum has always said, ‘Try your best and it doesn’t matter what you place’,” he said.