Tita nails her career

Tita Turner shows her make-up, nail and glitter skills in this photo, which she took of herself. Photo: Tita Turner/Supplied

By Alesha Capone

Tarneit nail technician Tita Turner is bringing her love of nail art to the world.

Through her YouTube channel, Emerson Nails, Mrs Turner uploads nail art tutorials, comedy pieces, vlogs and behind the scenes videos of events such as the Sydney Beauty Expo.

Her videos are watched by thousands of people across the globe.

Earlier this month, Mrs Turner was presented with the Professional Nail Technicians Association’s 2018 Australian/New Zealand Digital Influencer of the Year award. She also recently won medals for her nail art photography, at the West Coast Cup in Perth and the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo.

Mrs Turner. Photo By Joe Mastroianni.

Mrs Turner, who qualified as a nail technician in 2016, said she never imagined that her career would take off the way it has.

“When I started studying three years ago, I thought I’d be sitting at home, have my clients visit me and that’s it,” she said.

“I do feel extremely proud that I’ve come this far, and to be recognised by so many amazing names and faces in the community, is wonderful.

“I love the art, I love sharing the art – I enjoy doing it, but the fact people enjoy it makes it really worthwhile.”

Mrs Turner is also an educator for Nail Perfect; runs a website selling crystals and nail products; manufactures and sells her own brand of cuticle oil; and is working to put together a nail fashion magazine called Deviate.

“I love the art, I love sharing the art  – I enjoy doing it, but the fact people enjoy it makes it really worthwhile,” she said.