Thefts rise in Wyndham

By Alesha Capone

Theft offences in Wyndham have increased by more than 12 per cent in a 12 month period, according to new figures.

Statistics released by the Crime Statistics Agency last week showed that 5212 theft offences were recorded by police in the 12 months to March, up from 4641 in March, 2018.

Despite the rise, the figure remains below the 10-year high recorded in 2016, when 5768 offences were recorded. Types of theft included in this category are theft of motor vehicle, theft from motor vehicle, retail and bicycle thefts and receiving and handling stolen goods.

Overall crime in Wyndham rose more than five per cent. According to the figures, a total of 14,904 crimes were recorded by police in the 12 months to March – up from 14,137 in March, 2018. This is still below the 2016 high of 15,104 overall offences.

Overall, assaults and related offences rose in Wyndham (from 1266 to 1312 crimes). While the number of family violence assaults increased (from 259 to 325 offences), non-family violence assaults fell (224 to 180 offences).

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said Victoria Police had attended 81,000 family violence incidents in the 12 month period – an increase of 6000.

“We don’t want to be attending one,” he said. “It equates to us attending one family violence incident every six minutes.”

Also in Wyndham, the number of robberies fell (from 162 offences to 148), including the number of aggravated robberies (from 136 offences to 131).

The number of burglaries and break-and-enters also decreased, (from 1348 offences to 1121), including the sub-categories of residential aggravated burglaries (from 98 offences to 74) and residential non-aggravated burglaries (from 910 offences to 725).

Deputy Commissioner Patton said overall decreases in residential burglaries were due to offender management.

“We identify through our intelligence people who we know are going to be committing these type of offences and we target them – and we make no excuses for that,” he said.

Drug offences in Wyndham rose (from 702 to 789 offences), while property damage decreased (from 1116 offences to 1072). Sexual assaults rose six per cent to 388 recorded offences.