Standing together

Vig, Micelle and Linda.

By Alesha Capone

Three generous residents have set-up a Facebook group to help struggling Wyndham residents obtain assistance from the community.

Linda, Michelle and Vig started the ‘We are all in this together Wyndham’ (WAAINTW) group, which now has more than 620 members, about three weeks ago.

The group allows members to post requests – anonymously if they wish – for help with items such as food, clothing or blankets.

People can respond to offer donations or assist with delivery.

The page sometimes works with other community groups like Feeding Families and the Pakata Movement.

Linda said she established WAAINTW after giving away some items which were collected by a woman dressed in a singlet and thongs despite the cold, who said that she had “nothing” after fleeing a violent home.

Michelle became involved with WAAINTW after donating some groceries and Vig answered an online request for assistance with the group.

Linda said that WAAINTW was not a registered charity but “100 per cent not-for-profit” with all items donated, including food for hampers which they distribute upon request.

She said people from all walks of life asked for aid, not just those on Centrelink support.

“People are feeling free to ask, they feel safe to ask for help without being judged,” Vig said.

Vig, Michelle and Linda said they wanted to thank the wider community for supporting WAAINTW.

“Everyone’s trying to help everyone, it’s a great community,” Linda said.

Michelle said those assisted through the Facebook group sometimes burst into tears upon receiving a hamper or donation.

“We get just as much out of it as what they do, the fact you can help someone in need is fantastic,” she said.

Linda said that if anyone in need did not have access to Facebook, they could ask a family member or someone else to lodge a request on their behalf.

WAAINTW is also looking for local butchers and bakeries willing to donate food.