Scouts on paint patrol

Scouts helped to paint a mural with the purpose to combat graffiti in Werribee. Pic of scouts Ari (15) and Declan (17). Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Esther Lauaki

Werribee Scouts have been getting creative in a quest to protect their home base from graffiti.

Venturers Declan, Ari, Victoria and Zak worked over two weeks to paint a mural on the outside of their Scout hall with the help of professional artist AJ Tan.

Scout leader Mick Packer approached Wyndham council last year for permission to go ahead with the project and to seek funding.

“Our Scout hall was often a target for graffiti,” Mr Packer said.

“As murals are generally not really tagged, I had a plan to put a mural on one or more of the exterior walls of the hall to not only reduce graffiti, but also give the community something different to look at.”

Wyndham mayor Mia Shaw said there were better ways for young people to express themselves than through graffiti.

“That’s where our graffiti team comes in – by finding suitable walls or buildings across the municipality where young people can use their artistic skills,” she said.

The mural is a depiction of Scout members on a camping adventure symbolising friendship and working together to have fun.

Report graffiti in Wyndham or pitch an artistic project: