Safety poster a stand out

Ashlea and her art book. (Joe Mastroianni). 221075_01

By Alesha Capone

Point Cook youngster Ashlea has been selected as the winner of a state-wide creative competition which received hundreds of entries.

Earlier this year, Transdev Melbourne launched a competition seeking artwork for a poster promoting safe behaviours when travelling on buses.

The competition was open to Victorian students in years 5 to 8.

Transdev last week announced Ashlea, 10, as winner of the competition’s years 5-6 category.

Ashlea, a grade 5 pupil at Alamanda College, said she decided to feature Australian animals in her poster and researched the topic before commencing her design work.

“I picked the koala because it loves to hold on to tree branches tightly and that is exactly what we want to remind people to do when they are standing onboard a moving bus – hold tight,” she said.

“I also enjoyed adding in bits of humour into the messages of the poster so that anyone who looks at it would have a little chuckle.

“Posters shouldn’t be boring.

“I thought a little humour added on would help with sending the message across more efficiently.”

Ashlea said she felt “really surprised” and “very happy” to win the competition.

She received a Nintendo Switch, a certificate, Trandev puzzles and souvenirs as first prize.

“I am excited to hear that Transdev will be using my poster design for their communications with schools, newsletters and future educational tours,” Ashlea said

“To know that my creativity has gone into good use is so important to me.

“I hope I can create more of such work in the future for everyone.”