Resident calls for action

Tyre marks on Manor Lakes streets. Photo: Supplied 239847_01

By Alesha Capone

A Manor Lakes resident fed-up with hoons speeding and doing burn-outs in local streets has called for authorities to take action.

The father-of-two, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and other residents feared it was only a matter of time before an innocent bystander was killed by a speeding or out-of-control car.

“The streets are covered in burn-outs and you see more marks every day after you get home from work,’ he said.

“If you’re sitting at home at midnight, 1am you’ll hear hoons, including in lockdown.

“The people in my street are all fed-up with it, we have all got kids.”

The man said one resident has already sold his Manor Lakes house due to the noise generated by hoons.

He said the family living across the road from him was also considering selling up for the same reason.

“We will probably do the same, we have two children and are worried it will be them who get hit by a hoon speeding,” he said.

“We chose to build down here because it was nice and quiet, and now it’s falling apart.”

The man, who runs community security programs to patrol streets in Melbourne’s south-east, where residents are fed-up with hoons, under his company YPG Risk, said that he has spoken to multiple residents living on Ison Road, who all say hooning has become worse during lockdown.

The man said the residents wanted to see a “physical presence” to help deter hoons, whether it was police, private security or a camera to catch speeding drivers.

The resident said he has contacted local MPs, Wyndham council and police numerous times about the hoon issue, including giving statements to the police.

“You wonder where police and the council are,” he said.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said: “Werribee police take illegal hoon driving incidents extremely seriously.

“Werribee police continue to target hoon drivers as part of Operation Achilles, the state-wide response to illegal hoon driving incidents.

“Local police and highway patrol are tasked to patrol high risk areas on a regular basis to detect and deter any hoon driving activity.

“Anyone with information on hoon activity is urged to make a report to their local police station or anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

Wyndham council said the issue was a matter for police and declined to comment.