Quick Kick breaks age barrier

Sam, with her partner Nikki. (Donovan Chin) 282954_01

For residents in Wyndham who cite their age as the biggest reason they avoid playing sport, the AFL Master’s Quick Kick program is specifically for them.

The initiative is designed for beginner women aged 35 and over.

Sam Tunstall was introduced to the sport through her partner Nikki, who plays for the Werribee Masters.

“I had been watching and enjoyed watching and wanted to play but didn’t think I was, I guess, good enough to join the team,” Ms Tunstall said.

“I don’t really have any football experience, so she’d heard about QuickKick program and said this might be good for you to feel a bit more comfortable about playing.”

“One of the main things is the social aspects, i’m new to this area and also post COVID feel like don’t really have many social contacts, and the other main aspect for me is actually the mental health benefits,” she said.

Ms Tunstall said she recommends other women, regardless of their age or ability level, sign up for the program too.

“There’s no judgement on whether you can kick properly or pass the ball properly, or your fitness level…just that you want to have a go and be part of something,” she said.

“One thing i really loved while I was playing is that I was so focused on it, it was almost therapeutic.”

The first Quick Kick session will take place at Wyndhamvale Reserve, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 7.

“I’m excited to not only learn things, but also to meet other people in the same boat, just wanting to get involved,” Ms Tunstall said.